Safe and comfortable rides are a mission of ours. Success our complex and responsible is backed not only by the latest technical solutions, but also the team's dedication to our common goal to contribute greatly to creating the best infrastructure.



We use innovative technologies that allow us to perform large-scale earthworks in a short period of time and in accordance with international high standards. The effectiveness of earthworks is also supported by the schedule of their implementation: light towers also allow us to operate at night,

24/7. We are constantly expanding our fleet with modern equipment and add extra power to them with innovative systems. We increase the accuracy of earthwork with the help of GNSS machine control systems, in cooperation with the best brands on the market, including Leica Geosystems AG.


non-stop work


GNSS systems

Asphalt concrete surfacing

Our long journey began with a small paving project. Now, with vast experience in the field and have implemented such projects as rehabilitation of the runway of Shirak International Airport and the Bagratashen border crossing between Armenia and Georgia as well as surfacing of individual sections of the "North-South" project and dozens of others. Years of investments in innovative technologies have enabled us

to provide the full chain of construction works - from the aggregate production to the final touches of road furnishing. In order to efficiently organize large-scale road surfacing work, we have installed asphalt-concrete plants in 3 different parts of Armenia where asphalt of the required quality is produced. This also helps us take care of the environment by reducing transportation distances and minimizing emissions.


Latest technologies


Durable roads

Drilling and blasting

We have all the solutions for safe, efficient, and cost-effective drilling and blasting. After carefully assessing an area upfront, we choose the blasting pattern and products to get the exact results we need. Thorough planning, pre-blasting analysis, and detailed

geotechnical reports allow us to work in a highly predictable setting, avoiding unexpected obstacles, extra costs and delays. Our licensed specialists follow strict regulations and perform quality control at every stage to ensure the safety of the entire process.


International norms


High precision

Artificial concrete structures and bridges

Road surfacing works are usually accompanied by the preparation and installation of artificial concrete structures. They can be drains, roadside gutters, concrete barriers which we build from high-quality

raw materials. All materials are tested in our specialized laboratory before use. We cooperate with the largest companies producing construction equipment and regularly update our equipment, keeping pace with innovation.


High quality mix


Guaranteed quality

Crushing and screening

Our race for acquiring more advanced and innovative machinery has brought us to a place where we not only cover our internal demand for high-quality aggregates but also cover our customers'

demand. Currently, our fleet consists of stationary and mobile crushers. We can offer crushing and screening services in any given location in Armenia and abroad with high precision and vast production volumes.

Wide choice

Any fraction

Scale of production

Large volumes

Road Furnishing

The last stage of road construction - furnishing - is carried out by our specialized teams. The work is done with high speed and high precision. With our top-quality work, we ensure your safe rides.


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Intl. norms followed