Completed Projects

Rehabilitation of M-2 Yerevan-Yeraskh-Goris-Meghri-Iranian border interstate road km65+350-km77+350 section Rehabilitation of M-8 Vanadzor-Dilijan Interstate Road km22+400-km33+500 section Renovation of section km64+174- km67+150 of the M4 Yerevan-Sevan-Ijevan interstate highway Rehabilitation of Karmrashen-Vosketas-Zovasar km00+000- km11+410 Roadsection Rehabilitation of M-4 Yerevan-Sevan-Ijevan Highway km118+300 - km129+100 Rehabilitation of Marneuli-Tetritskharo-Tsalka (Alekseevka-Menkalisa) km42-km47 Secondary Road Section in Georgia Reconstruction of the Road Section towards Tatev Monastery North-South Corridor Conveyor Road Construction for Amulsar Gold Project Reconstruction works of Vazgen Sargsyan and Hertzen streets, and Charles Aznavour square in Gyumri Rehabilitation of road section of Sevan-Yerevan Highway km41- km57 Rehabilitation of the rural road Nor Gegh-Argel-Arzakan–Hrazdana Rehabilitation of the Secondary Road (S 20) Borjomi-Bakuriani-Akhalkalaki Road Section Km69-km74 (Kotelia-Aragva)

North-South Corridor

Back in 2012, 560 km of Meghri- Yerevan - Bavra highway construction was started. This North-South corridor has strategic and economic importance for Armenia. Isolux Corsan company is the contractor for road construction and upgrading of Tranches 1 and 2 of the project, with whom AAB Construction has been cooperating since 2013 as a subcontractor. According to the contract, we must implement the following works:



  • 15 km earthworks and partially asphalt pavement.
  • Our company has the construction of earth base for the concrete road: we do excavation on the high altitudes (mountains, hills) and fill lower parts of the earth (gorges) with the excavated material, in order to get a smooth soil ground. Excavation process often faces difficulties in terms of rocks, so we implement drilling and blasting technology. Thus, the soil base is brought to the concrete level, after which it is possible to pave the concrete cover of the road.

It’s necessary to highlight that works were very difficult to implement because we were working on sections, which require the deepest fill at a depth of 23 m and with 400-500 m length. After the first 90cm fill is implemented, it is then watered, condensed and embanked with a roller, in order to get the most durable and solid foundation. Then the fill of the next 90sm is implemented till we reached to the marked level of the embankment. Wherever the fill height reaches 10m and more there comes the berm construction necessity, which prevents later stone fall on the road.

In the scope of the project, we have completed the construction of the earth base of the 5km road section, which includes 500.000 m3 earthworks and embankment in corresponding places.


The geography of our work included the sections from Ujan to Kosh, from Kaqavadzor to Bazmaberd, as well as sections, where the road is passing through Ashnak and Davitashen villages.