Completed Projects

Conveyor Road Construction for Amulsar Gold Project Rehabilitation of road section of Sevan-Yerevan Highway km41- km57 Rehabilitation of the rural road Nor Gegh-Argel-Arzakan–Hrazdan Rehabilitation of the Secondary Road (S 20) Borjomi-Bakuriani-Akhalkalaki Road Section Km69-km74 (Kotelia-Aragva)

Conveyor Road Construction for Amulsar Gold Project

Within the framework of the Amulsar project, AAB Construction, being a contractor of Lydian Armenia, has carried out about 800,000 m3 of earthwork, 250,000 m3 of which was rock excavation, and 450,000 m3 was embankment. As we value environmental protection and safe and secure construction process, our staff has undergone special trainings by Lydian Armenia. Before getting to work, they got acquainted to the mission of the company, with the results of the geological and environmental research and with the safety norms and rules of the construction process. Our company began to carry out grass cleaning works in the contract areas, only after experience exchange and trainings with the best specialists of the mining industry. It should be noted that the whole process of the work was supervised by Lydian Armenia environmental team, and all the plant species, which are considered to be unique, have been relocated to special greenhouses. In order to get a smooth road section, excavation works were carried out at high altitudes, where there sometimes was a need to implement drilling and blasting operations. The excavated material was used for the embankment of 3 the gorges existing on the mountain, which had 35 m depth, 15 m and 20 m respectively, to bring the road to the required zero point. After the first 90 cm of embankment it has been watered, condensed and embanked with a roller. Our quality control team has periodically taken samples to laboratory to determine whether the degree of density corresponds to the standards or not. Only after the approval the next 90 cm of embankment implemented till the marked level of embankment was reached. During the whole process of earthworks, besides the construction equipment, dozens of water cannons have also been working, in order to minimize the construction dust. The work lasted only 8 months, resulting in a construction of 5400 m long conveyor road platform. About 50 construction equipment have been used to carry out the work, including bulldozers and graders, with built-in GPS systems, allowing to smooth the last 15-20 cm of soil layer perfectly to bring it to the contract mark. This means that height of the soil layer defined by the project has been achieved due to the automated system, without any human factor, which was the guarantee of the perfect result. To ensure productivity and speed of the work, our team and construction equipment have been working with 24/7 shift, regardless of weather conditions, to provide the desired and high quality results. At the same time, interchangeability of the human resources has been ensured, which allowed to provide all employees with rest days and hours in compliance with the RA Law. About 72 employees were involved in the work process, 30% of which were from local communities, which somehow provided community employment. In addition to this, our company purchased goods and services for total 246,805,763 drams from neighboring communities, like Jermuk, Saravan, Gndevaz, Gorayk, Vayk, Yeghegnadzor in order to promote SME development in these communities.