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Environment and Safety

The core idea of modern infrastructure and Civil construction models is to improve life quality standards to safer and more convenient ones. During the implementation of such projects the safety of the people both the employees working on site and the population is the key priority. This is where the safety engineers team comes to deliver outstanding safety. With their plans and trainings they ensure that during the workflow the risks to injuries and accidents are downed and kept to minimum. AAB has provided also all the necessary technical solutions for maximizing employees’ safe operation on any stage and type of construction phase. Safety trainings at AAB are held on quarterly basis and all the staff’s participation is obligatory to raise the awareness of any danger that might occur during the range of all the activities AAB develops.

Besides the high standards of safety measures AAB undertakes for employees and society, another key priority is the environmental safety. Having implemented large volumes of international projects and cooperating with international employers during the last years we have adopted all the standards on Environmental Safety. No matter if operating in quarries or in road or building construction sites we keep Environmental protection is the key factor in our operations’ flow. We tend to use recycled construction materials throughout the whole process of implementation as much as it is possible. Due to the high standards and mobility of all our equipments and production plants we are able to produce necessary materials right at the construction site which helps us avoid long distance transportations and resulted pollutions. This is the main reason of absolute absence of social and governmental complaints regarding any bad impact of our operational processes on Environment. . The latest investments the company has done were totally related to energy efficiency and environmental safety. Since 2013 the Company has received several grants from EBRD for making investments into energy efficient equipment which significantly reduced the waste of energy. THe company is far much ahead of the competition with its approaches and standards for Environmental and Operational Safety. And a proof to all the above mentioned is a one glance stare on any operational site of AAB.