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Asphalt pavement

Back in 2006 the company was launched with the implementation of a small scale project of asphalt pavement. At the moment we are producing all the necessary material for pavement ourselves. And the availability of mobile plants gives the opportunity to implement production right on site. The company owns 2 asphalt plants - a stationary one and an ultra-mobile plant, which enables fast and quick mobilization and asphalt production wherever necessary skipping long distance transportation and subsequent environmental issues.

 Our operational team of quality engineers have taken numerous trainings and provide the best quality of pavement despite the complexity of the work.

All the material is preliminary tested in our laboratories and only after approval of Quality Control Manager, the tested material is applied in construction. 

With a huge experience in road construction the company has a large portfolio of asphalt pavement construction, such as Airport runway rehabilitation (Republic of Armenia), North-South corridor, Custom point of Bagratashen on Georgian-Armenian border,  and dozens of medium and big projects on different urban and national roads and highways.